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SMART Tunnel Toaster

The SMART Tunnel Toaster is a new way to toast your bread, croissants, paninis and anything you could possibly need to toast. This clever design features a sliding bread tray, completely removable from the heating unit and a heating unit in the form of a dome shape tunnel. The tray is designed to be removable and catch the crumbs for easy cleaning and with a unique clamp to cater for all all kinds of bread. It also features a very versatile temperature control with 7 adjustable temperature settings, reheat, defrost and cancel functions.

This wonderful machine solves all the problems of the toaster as we know it with it’s slick, slim design would be a great addition to any kitchen.

Item Code: STT7000
Barcode: 5060313511957



  • The SMART Tunnel Toaster features versatile temperature control, re-heat button and de-frost button.
  • The patented design of the tunnel ensures perfect even toasting.
  • The sliding tray is completely removable from the heating unit making it easy to clean.
  • The sliding tray’s unique clamp is designed to fit many kinds of shapes including baguettes, bagels, croissant etc.
  • 950 Watt


Gift Box Dimensions: 376 x 180 x 230 mm
Weight: 2.8 kg
Shipping Carton: 4 PCS
Shipping Carton Dimensions: 380 x 395 x 480 mm

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