SMART Retro Electric Spiral/Twister/Peeler

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Revolutionise your cooking with the retro, stylish and slick SMART Electronic Spiraliser, Slicer and Peeler. Simply just pick your blade, place the fruit or veg on ready to be cut, press the on button and let this automatic machine do the work. Included, are 3 cutting blades (spiral blade, small shredded blade & medium shredded blade), 10 bamboo skewers and a convenient storage compartment for cord and all accessories. The blades are designed to work its magic on a variety of vegetables and fruit, so you can enjoy potatoes, apples, zucchini, and more.
This is a wonderful way to make your salads, snacks and dinners look more interesting and professional at your dinner parties and fun for the kids. Using the spiralise blade, a great idea to help you along the way to healthier eating, is to substitute pasta and noodles with hard fruit and vegetables. For anyone who finds it difficult to chop and peel, or just doesn’t have the time- you can find the time at the touch of a button, as this machine automatically does all the work with no manual effort!
Item Code: PT300
Barcode: 5060313511582




  • Automatic machine comes with 3 cutting blades (spiral blade, small shredded blade & medium shredded blade), 2 fork attachments (cut fork and peel fork) and 10 bamboo skewers.
  • Built in storage for the chord and accessories.
  • Automatic and works well on a variety of fruit and veg.
  • Slick and stylish Retro design.

Gift Box Measurements: 164 x 363 x 162 mm
Weight: 2.1kg
Shipping Carton: 2 pcs
Shipping Carton Measurements: 590 x 315 x 538 mm



1 review for SMART Retro Electric Spiral/Twister/Peeler

  1. Anonymous

    Don’t know what I would do without it. It saves my fingers and saves me time!

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