SMART Pasta Maker

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The SMART Pasta Maker is a One of a Kind Product!
With a knead dough function, it can make the dough directly from just flour and water. You can make dough for bread, cakes, cookies and all types of pasta using its patented blade. The machine features a vertical extrusion to prevent any jamming. A third patent, the dedicated fan to dry the pasta during its production, making it easier and faster to cook. Make fresh pasta in 6 minutes.


Item Code:SPM3000

Barcode: 5060313511254



  • 220-240V /50~60Hz
  • Capacity: 300g flour and 150ml water
  • Soft touch controls
  • Digital LED Display
  • Easy to use


Gift Box: 360 x 212 x 402 mm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Shipping Carton: 4 pcs
Shipping Carton: 650 x 368 x 412 mm


4 reviews for SMART Pasta Maker

  1. David K

    Loved this at first, but it stopped working on our third time of using. The machine displays an error message that doesn’t correspond with anything in the instruction manual.

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      Thank you for purchasing our SMART product and sorry to hear you are having problem in using it. Can I ask you send as much information regarding the fault?

      Photo showing the problems
      Date/where it was first purchased

      Send it to cs@smaworldwide.com


  2. Mr S Barrea

    On the second attempt of trying to use it the heading arm stopped turning. I’ve emailed them twice no response. Seriously disappointed as I bought this machine for my Italian mother to help her as she has arthritic. Badly disappointed with the after lack of customer service!!!

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      Hi Mr Barrea,

      Sorry to hear of your machine not working properly. You said you emailed previously but had no response. Can I check it’s cs@smaworldwide.com. Please state model, date of purchase, where it was bought and the detail of the issue with photo if possible. Let me know how you get on with them?

      SMART Worldwide

  3. Ruth Parker

    Purchased the Smart pasta maker and found that there is not even a basic recipe on how to make pasta in the machine.
    Have tried to use other recipes to no avail.
    You should include at least a basic recipe to get people started
    Now all the machine does is take up space and collect dust
    Complete waste of money for a dust collector

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      Hi Ruth,

      I can see recipes on page 18 of the manual handbook. Let me know if you can’t find it and I can send you an electronic PDF by email?

      F.Y.I. go to the link and see the video on how to make pasta/spaghetti (approx. 45 mins onward). http://www.smartworldwidefun.com/product/smart-pasta-maker-stainless-steel/

      Thank you for purchasing one of our product.

      SMART Worldwide

  4. Mr J Prior

    Very impressive machine. Kneading of the dough using 00 Durum wheat Semolina Flour is really thorough with the propeller rotating both ways clockwise and anti clockwise. The pasta comes out very quickly and I can snip it off with scissors as it lands in the bowl and so can get spaghetti or linguini as long or short as I like. What I don’t like is the instructions say nothing about whether the parts you clean are dishwasher-safe. I dare not put them in until I know that info officially. Can’t get a reply from the company to advise me. The cleaning of the parts in soapy warm water is not easy as there are masses of traps in corners and channels that dough gets stuck in. The plastic edges are very sharp and so this is why I want to know if it’s dishwasher safe. That’s the reason I don’t give it 5 stars. Shortage of such information in the booklet is not really forgiveable. Anyhow it’s going on making good pasta and it was a great thing to buy.

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      Hi Mr J Prior,

      Thank you for using our SMART Pasta Maker and good to hear you’re enjoying making fresh spaghetti/linguini at anytime you wish.

      In regards to instructions on cleaning we do not recommend dishwashing parts as it’ll subject them at high heat which can damage the plastics. The kit comes with a cleaning brush to get at the hard to reach areas. Also leaving them to soak in soapy warm water for awhile should make it easier to clean afterward.

      I hope this hasn’t put you off using it and if you have further questions please write to customer services cs@smaworldwide.com who can assist your query.

      SMART Worldwide

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