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SMART Gummy Candy Maker

This SMART Gummy Candy Maker create delicious gummy candies in everyone’s favourite flavours, colours and shapes. With the easy to use silicone moulds, you can make fish, worms and bear gummy candies. For even more fun use the included giant gummy candy bear mould. We’ve include two gelatine pots to get you started. Just heat central base and follow the recipe. The entire unit disassembles for easy cleaning.

Item Code:GCM600SMART



  • Easy to Use, Easy to Clean
  • Two Pots for Various Flavours
  • Easy and Safe Heating
  • Suitable for Kids and Adults alike
  • Choice of Healthy Recipes


Gift Box Measurements: 273 x 158 x 240 mm
Weight: 1.2kg
Shipping Carton: 4 pcs
Shipping Carton Measurements: 558 x 328 x 264 mm



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