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SMART Retro Candy Floss Maker In Ivory Cream

The SMART Retro Cotton Candy Maker transforms your favourite sugar into fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy. Simply plug in, turn on, pour yummy candies into the centre receptacle, and start spinning colourful and tasty treats.

This fanciful product is fun for the whole family and brings out the kid in everyone. People love to collect the delicate webs of cotton candy on their cones while circling the retro ivory cream bowl. Instantly, gatherings are transformed into carnivals and dessert time into party time!

Item code: SCFM1000
Barcode: 5060313512558



      • 2 quartz heating elements
      • Cotton candy flows quickly as unit heats up
      • Translucent plastic rim allows you to see each batch being made
      • Stylish retro ivory cream and chrome trimmings
      • On-Off switch
      • 3-5 minutes pre-heating time
      • Detachable large bowl for easy assembly and simple quick cleaning
      • Includes sugar spoon and four reusable plastic rods


      Gift box: 280 x 250 x 280 mm
      Weight: 1.88 kg
      Shipping carton: 4 pcs
      SC measurements: 575 x 295 x 515 mm

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