SMART Kettle Popcorn Maker


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  • SMART Kettle Popcorn Maker

    This stylish ivory cream SMART Retro Kettle Popcorn unit makes hot, fresh and delicious popcorn just like in the movie theatres.

    The popcorn itself is made inside a large stainless-steel kettle that has an integrated heating system and stirrer. Once it’s ready it will begin to pop out of the kettle and then you can tip the popcorn, using the crank handle, into the reusable container below and start again. The Kettle Popcorn can pop up to 16 cups of popcorn per batch. When you’re ready to tuck into your homemade popcorn just open the door and fill up your popcorn buckets.

    Includes a measuring spoon for oil and measuring cup for popcorn kernels, so every batch pops perfectly. It also features an internal light to illuminate the interior but also keep any popcorn warm. With the SMART Kettle Popcorn Maker, popcorn has never tasted so good at home.

    Item Code: RKP530C

    Barcode: 5060313512657

  • SMART Retro USB Mini Fan

    Complete your space with the SMART Retro USB Mini Fan and add a vintage touch to any room. With a height of just over 6″, the SMART Retro USB Mini Fan is the definition of portability. The SMART Retro USB Mini Fan operates at two different speeds and an off switch.

    With its 4″ dual blades (front and rear) and handy aroma compartments it will freshen up your room with scented fragrance you add separately. Fits on a table-top in an office, bedroom, kitchen or living room, in fact you can use anywhere as long as it has a USB power port.

    Item Code: SRF-USB
    Barcode: 5060313512398

  • SMART Retro Candy Floss Maker In Ivory Cream

    The SMART Retro Cotton Candy Maker transforms your favourite sugar into fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy. Simply plug in, turn on, pour yummy candies into the centre receptacle, and start spinning colourful and tasty treats.

    This fanciful product is fun for the whole family and brings out the kid in everyone. People love to collect the delicate webs of cotton candy on their cones while circling the retro ivory cream bowl. Instantly, gatherings are transformed into carnivals and dessert time into party time!

    Item code: SCFM1000
    Barcode: 5060313512558

  • SMART Retro Single Snow Cone Maker

    Make delicious snow cones anytime by simply placing ice in the top compartment; soon you’ll be watching shaved ice form the perfect single-serve snow cone!

    Shave light and fluffy ice snow everytime. Rubber suction feet on base keep shaver stable during use.

    The perfect adult treat by adding your favourite flavour to spike up the party!

    Item Code: RSM702
    Barcode: 5060313511841