SMART Pasta Maker

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The SMART Pasta Maker is a One of a Kind Product!
With a knead dough function, it can make the dough directly from just flour and water. You can make dough for bread, cakes, cookies and all types of pasta using its patented blade. The machine features a vertical extrusion to prevent any jamming. A third patent, the dedicated fan to dry the pasta during its production, making it easier and faster to cook. Make fresh pasta in 6 minutes.


Item Code:SPM3000

Barcode: 5060313511254



  • 220-240V /50~60Hz
  • Capacity: 300g flour and 150ml water
  • Soft touch controls
  • Digital LED Display
  • Easy to use


Gift Box: 360 x 212 x 402 mm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Shipping Carton: 4 pcs
Shipping Carton: 650 x 368 x 412 mm


1 review for SMART Pasta Maker

  1. David K

    Loved this at first, but it stopped working on our third time of using. The machine displays an error message that doesn’t correspond with anything in the instruction manual.

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      Thank you for purchasing our SMART product and sorry to hear you are having problem in using it. Can I ask you send as much information regarding the fault?

      Photo showing the problems
      Date/where it was first purchased

      Send it to cs@smaworldwide.com


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