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  • SMART Kettle Popcorn Maker

    This stylish ivory cream SMART Retro Kettle Popcorn unit makes hot, fresh and delicious popcorn just like in the movie theatres.

    The popcorn itself is made inside a large stainless-steel kettle that has an integrated heating system and stirrer. Once it’s ready it will begin to pop out of the kettle and then you can tip the popcorn, using the crank handle, into the reusable container below and start again. The Kettle Popcorn can pop up to 16 cups of popcorn per batch. When you’re ready to tuck into your homemade popcorn just open the door and fill up your popcorn buckets.

    Includes a measuring spoon for oil and measuring cup for popcorn kernels, so every batch pops perfectly. It also features an internal light to illuminate the interior but also keep any popcorn warm. With the SMART Kettle Popcorn Maker, popcorn has never tasted so good at home.

    Item Code: RKP530C

    Barcode: 5060313512657

  • SMART Theatre Popcorn Cart

    This SMART Theatre Popcorn Cart will be the hit of every party. It pops up to 24 cups of hot, fresh, kettle cooked popcorn per batch. Suitable for home use. It features a large, stainless steel kettle with a built-in stirring system and kernel catcher to keep un-popped kernels out of each perfect batch. 

    The large 15” a wheel makes it easy to manoeuvre and 2 rear wheel locks which is a safety feature. Includes warming light and warming deck to keep your popcorn fresh, hot and crunchy. With its storage compartment convenient located underneath, your cart has enough space to make sure you never run out of treats!

    Your popcorn cart has beautiful features which make popcorn making that much more special. Save for young and old and a real party talking point.

    Item Code: SPC810

    Barcode: 5060313512541

  • SMART Large Popcorn Buckets

    The SMART Large Popcorn Buckets are a great accessory designed to bring that cinema feel to your home. These plastic buckets are reusable and the perfect way to set the mood, on your night in.


    Item Code: SPB600
    Barcode: 5060313511933

  • SMART Small Paper Scoops

    SMART small paper scoops are a great accessory designed to bring that cinema feel to your home. These paper scoops are disposable and the perfect way to set the mood, on your big night in.


    Item Code: SSPS10
    Barcode: 5060313511940

  • Theatre Popcorn Kit

    The Nostalgia Theatre Popcorn Kit is perfect for use with SMARTs’ Hot Air and Kettle Poppers and all other quality popcorn makers!

    ITEM: KPK400
    BARCODE: 5060313510271

  • SMART Gourmet Popping Corn

    Add a little something sweet or savoury under the tree this year with our SMART tasty Gourmet Popping Corn. Made from the best quality kernels. This variety is grown especially to provide the lightest and crunchiest popcorn around. Try it. We promise you this will be your favourite choice.

    ITEM: SGP500
    BARCODE: 5060313511162

  • SMART Rotating Stone & Grill Pizza Oven

    SMART Rotating Stone & Grill Pizza Oven is the quick and easy way to make authentic tasting homemade pizza. The secret to cooking is all in the stone- it absorbs and distributes heat evenly. Rotational cooking, paired with the magic of the stone-baking grill gives you a delightful crispy base. This time-saving solution features a top grill, a 12” round grill in the base, a 12” round removable cooking stone and a viewing window to make your pizza bases evenly cooked and toppings perfectly browned. Using the deep pan grill base, you can also bake savoury or sweet pies, french toast and quiche. With this brilliant design the possibilities are endless!

    Item Code: SSPM4000R
    Barcode: 5060313511902